Token To Watch – WOWX, Get It Free

By November 30, 2019 No Comments

It’s been almost 2 weeks since WOWX token was listed on our Exchange. Our users and volume are growing steadily since we were featured by top news portals like Apple News and Coin News Telegraph.

September 2019 marks the final month to close all airdrop registrations before we distribute the free WOWX token. If you have signed up for our airdrop program during our ICO between 1-Feb-2019 till 30-June-2019, and the subsequent Exchange pre-launch program between 15-May-2019 till 15-Aug-2019, you will be eligible to get some free WOWX token.

You need to sign up on and complete the KYC submission to receive your free WOWX token. This is the final step. Do this before 30-Sep-2019 or you will not be eligible for free WOWX token after that.

Please do not see this as another mundane get free token process. Compared to most ICOs, we are live and growing rapidly. That means WOWX token will have real value in the future. We encourage you to look around our Exchange after you have registered and use it to buy BTC, ETH or your favorite top tokens.

To learn more, find WOWX online at:

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