WOWX Go Live Party @ Zouk!

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wowx at zouk

We had an awesome go live party with our members, investors and partners at Zouk KL recently. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general have been mooning in the past few months so the timing is perfect for WOWX to launch our digital asset exchange.

We had a great run to our official launch and go live party. Many of our members are seeking a crypto exchange with legal status and be regulated by a government which supports cryptocurrency. WOWX is licensed in Estonia for Virtual Currency Exchange and Virtual Currency Wallet.  Crypto entities registered in Estonia are legally operating in the EU, of which the country is a member state, and licensees are obliged to comply with relevant local and European laws. Therefore, WOWX is recognized in Europe as a legal digital asset exchange. This has helped us gain good traction and many investors during the run up to our launch, while we picked up over 120k members on our Telegram channel.

With such great reception from the public and people we know, WOWX is destined for a great future, in line with the growing mainstream acceptance of cryptocurrency, both as an alternative to fiat and also as a lucrative investment opportunity for crypto traders.

The party started with an amazing laser dance performance and a welcome speech by our COO Jong Wang and Advisor Vincent Chow.

wow exchange at zouk 2

Guests were treated to unlimited flow of liquors and finger foods as they partied the night away.

The launch party ended with WOWX going live showing the first transaction on a wide screen. If the party is an indication of anything, get ready for exciting times with cryptocurrency on WOWX.

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