Which Is A Better Asset: Bitcoin or Gold?

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bitcoin or gold

Bitcoin or Gold?

Ahhhhh Bitcoin, what can we say. Reminds us of Steve Jobs’ first Apple brand story: whether you like it or hate it, you just cannot ignore it.

Yes! is our resounding answer. Though some traditional investors would swear on gold with their lives, Bitcoin is the future because it is dubbed as “digital gold”, which means it has the properties of gold, but with “digital” capability, such as easily transferable.

Bitcoin is replacing gold as the safe harbor asset and that is a role that is only going to grow. During the US-China trade wars, BTC is exploding a good 90 minutes ahead of news on China retaliation, well before gold, and before the equities markets get wind of it and react. BTC outperforms gold by a mile and leads both gold and 500 points of Dow action.

There are so much more to say but we’ll let the chart below do the talking.

traits of money

American investor and Morgan Creek Digital Assets co-founder Anthony Pompliano says that Bitcoin will end up in every institutional investor’s portfolio.

In an interview with CNBC on Aug 20, Pompliano said that every single week more financial infrastructures are being built around Bitcoin (BTC) and the crypto markets more broadly.


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