WOWX Understands the needs of our traders, be it professional traders or first-timers. Our offerings and our services are carefully designed and equipped to cater to your specific need to prosper with cryptocurrencies

WOWX’s Security

With remote and secure features like deep-freeze storage for your digital storage wallet, WOW Exchange’s team is constantly working hard to roll out the latest features and services to secure your trades better.

Security Practice

WOWX takes a comprehensive approach to its security. Our security experts have built in a number of sophisticated measures to prevent theft, fraud of assets or information.

Two-factor authentication

WOWX’s wallets come with the a state-of-the-art two-factor authentication and encryption to keep your wallet access secured and away from predators, and compliant with the industry’s best practices.

Deep Freeze feature

Majority of the coins listed on our exchange is equipped with deep freeze security feature to protect against internal and external predators

Multi-signature feature

WOWX’s wallets deep freeze storage solution enables a group of trust holders to set up multiple signature feature for wallets of increasing size

WOWX’s Fee

WOW Exchange’s fee structure is the most competent in the industry. We believe in making trading easier for you, technically and financially. We’re happy when you’re happy. We don’t have any hidden charges or policies to milk our clients unethically. Our fee is not only transparent, but also very minimal and just.



Withdrawal Btc Fees

Free + Network Fees


0.1% + Network Fees


1% Fee On Traded Volume On Each Transaction

Deposit & Withdrawal Timings

Fiat Deposit Timings: Monday to Friday, Twice daily, 11 AM and 3 PM

Fiat Withdrawal Timings: Monday to Friday, Once a day at 11:30 AM

Crypto cold wallet transfer are made 4 times per working day and the processing cutoffs:

  • Withdrawals polled at 1 AM GMT, broadcast by 10 AM GMT
  • Withdrawals polled at 11 AM GMT, broadcast by 1 PM GMT
  • Withdrawals polled at 4 PM GMT, broadcast by 6 PM GMT
  • Withdrawals polled at 8 PM GMT, broadcast by 11 PM GMT

Supports Multiple Cryptocurrency

WOW Exchange’s team of analysts and researchers work around the clock to ensure the best of assets, both established and promising-new ones, are available to our users. Stay assured to have access to the best of assets on WOW Exchange.

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